At RLOC, we hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders and our nation and are committed to conducting our operations in a safe sustainable, and responsible manner. Sustainability is at the core of RLOC vision, mission, values, and goals and is fully integrated into our long-term business strategy. These efforts are aligned to pursue development responsibly in order to realize the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030 in human, social, economic, and environmental development.

Our sustainability philosophy is built on Operational Excellence – an established management system at the heart of all we do. At RLOC, “Sustainability” takes a broader meaning to include customer satisfaction and employee engagement, promote community partnership, and enhance added value for our business partners. In pursuit of excellence, RLOC is focused on operating at high standards of safety and security, preserving the environment, and promoting economic growth and community well-being. We work wholeheartedly to meet these individual needs so that we can achieve our sustainable goals.

We strive to engage our stakeholders to generate ever-increasing value in our products and in their production for the benefit and prosperity of our community. To achieve this, RLOC has established channels of engagement that allow valuable input related to our operations, encourage proactive stakeholder involvement in improving all aspects of our operations, and foster the assessment of the issues that affect our business.

As a corporate citizen, RLOC aims to facilitate greater transparency and constructive engagement with internal and external stakeholders. Through annual sustainability reports, we target the informing of all stakeholders, the enhancement of our relationships with them, and the facilitation of improved understanding of our operational impact on generated economic, social, and environmental results.

We invite you to kindly read our current and previous sustainability reports and welcome your feedback. To view current and past reports, click below: